Happy Thanksgiving <3

HAPPY THANKSGIVING LOVELIES!!! Wishing you all a beautiful holiday filled with peace and harmony... Holiday season is beautiful but unfortunately not for all. During this time of the year there's lot of mixed emotions around, depression is especially common. Not everyone is blessed to have a family or friends to celebrate with or food to fest on or … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving ❤

Too Black to be Spanish Too Spanish to be black

I started beauty blogging specifically because I couldn't completely relate to any of the bloggers I came across at the beginning of my natural hair journey. Even though I was searching for hair tips like most when following a blog it is the chemistry or connection you feel to the blogger that keeps you coming back to their videos or … Continue reading Too Black to be Spanish Too Spanish to be black

Beware: MissGuided isn’t a reliable company..

Missguided is clothing line based in the UK. They do not have a phone number, any questions or issues are handled via email. They usually respond within 24 hours. (My experience starts off great and ends horribly please read until the end.) My first purchase was sometime in December 2014. I received my order everything went great. Issues … Continue reading Beware: MissGuided isn’t a reliable company..