Wedding Chronicles: Maid of Honor Diaries- Entry 3

As promised here is the continuation of the DIY decorations I used for my sister’s bridal shower.

I apologize in advance for the quality of the images. I was super busy and was barely able to take any good photos. 1

FYI– Pinterest was of major assistance. It’s an excellent tool I suggest everyone try’s it. You will find all kinds of ideas from decorations to recipes.

Most bridal showers are innocent leaving all the naughty fun for the bachelorette but not with this bunch LOL. Since the older ladies wouldn’t be invited to the bachelorette (who wants to get a lap dance next to mom or future mother-in-law) they insisted a penis cake and lingerie were present at this event as well LOL. Therefore making the theme “Naught Romance” if that makes any sense.

WALL 1 (Romance)

*Tulle backdrop:


Tulle bolt (40 yards), Ribbon


  • I made the backdrop by gathering small chunks of tulle and tying it with ribbon into a bow, until the entire wall was covered.


Materials: (purchased all my from Michael’s)

Wooden laser cut frame (without opening), Paint/brush, Unfinished wooden letters, Styrofoam ball or sheet, Plastic flowers, Pearl stem, Glue gun/glue sticks


  1. First I painted the frame and allowed it to dry completely
  2. Using the glue gun I attached foam unto each letter, covering the entire surface
  3. I detached the plastic flowers from the stems so that all that was left were the florets
  4. Using the glue gun pushed the florets into the foam not leaving any gaps
  5. Detaching the pearls from the stems was a bit more challenging, once that was done I pushed some randomly into the foam
  6. To keep up the tulle theme I glued some on the back of some of the letters
  7. Once everything was dry and secure I arranged the letters on the board to find the perfect placing and then glued it in place


  • I made the tablecloth out of tulle.

Vase and Flowers:


  • I used mason jars as vases, these turned out so beautiful with the pink roses and the baby breaths. The colors worked so well together.

About the bride:

  • I wrote a cute note describing my sister. I just couldn’t find where to paste it, until the idea of a “bride bottle” popped into my head.



Coco cola shape glass bottle, Paint/brush, Fabric, Tulle, Ribbon, Glue gun/glue sticks, Pearls, Lollipop sticks

  1. First I painted the bottle
  2. I cut a small piece of fabric into a V shape and glued it to the top part of the bottle
  3. For the bottom part of the dress I glued on tulle
  4. To blend the top and bottom fabric I wrapped and glued ribbon unto what embodied the waist of the dress/bottle and glued on 4 diamond stickers
  5. At the V cut I attached a line of pearls
  6. To attach the note I glued it unto the end of two lollipop sticks and glued the other end inside the bottle

Sparkle box:

  • I wrapped a small box in pink sparkly gift wrap to give some height to the table and liven up this corner a bit. I found a pack of funny stickers of a bride dragging her groom; I pasted one on the box. And hung two keys on each corner.

Love candles:


Candle holders, Glitter, Craft glue, Diamond stickers

  • I covered the candle holder with glue, sprinkling every inch with glitter until it was completely covered, once completely dry I attached the diamond stickers to form the word LOVE!!



This is only wall #1 stay tuned for the finished look. Thanks for reading loves ❤


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