Sunday Pampering

Sundays I love to relax, I usually spend the day pampering my skin and hair.

I have shared these homemade recipes before but I bring it back up because these are incredible for winter dryness.


For my hair I used my holy grail pre-wash conditioner: coconut oil, baking soda, yogurt and honey. For more details check out the full review and recipe at

On my face I used a mix of turmeric powder, yogurt and honey. Follow the link for more details

These recipes worked even better this time because I incorporated some new goodies I cannot wait any longer to tell you lovelies about.

Allowing both the DIY hair and face mask to sizzle in and work its magic


One or two years back I had really bad acne which resulted in a lot of hyper-pigmentation and discoloration. I was able to get it under control but unfortunately it did come this time less aggressive.

I have extremely sensitive skin, because of this I decided to try a more natural approach. That is when Lush Cosmetics came into my life and completely turned my skin around. These products are handmade using fresh organic ingredients.


 My daily regimen consists of:

Dark Angels– cleanser specifically for oily and sensitive skin, it provides a light exfoliation

Tea Tree Water– is a toner great to refresh your face and cut oil

Grease Lighting– intended as a spot treatment on active acne but I use it all over my face and it keeps it clear and bright

Enzymion– this is a great moisturizer, hydrating but not oily and it spreads so much you really only need a dime size amount (despite the pot being small it will last you at least 6 month)

These products together have worked magic. My skin rarely breaks out, it is hydrated and much brighter and even.

I haven’t purchased the full size pot yet but I always ask for a sample of Ocean Salt-self preserving. I use it when I feel my skin needs a deeper exfoliation. Again amazing!!

Sunday Steps:

Cleanse with Dark Angeles lightly exfoliation,

Apply mask (15 min)

Rinse and dry

Spitz Tea Tree Water

Dry and apply Grease Lighting

Apply Enzymion



 After rinsing out the pre- wash conditioner and washing my hair I applied Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil strengthen, grow and restore treatment masque. I am not much of a Shea Moisture fan because it hasn’t worked for me in the past but this particular line was a beautiful surprise. It detangled my hair effortlessly I didn’t even have to use a comb. I styled using the leave-in, my hair feels and looks amazing. It is extremely hydrated, soft and shiny.

I also owe much of the success to the pre-wash treatment, every time I use it it helps my deep conditioner penetrate deeper resulting in healthy bouncing curls. This new Shea Moisture line I will definitely continue using it smells amazing and works beautifully.

Have a blessed week dolls






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