Happy Thanksgiving <3


Wishing you all a beautiful holiday filled with peace and harmony…


Holiday season is beautiful but unfortunately not for all. During this time of the year there’s lot of mixed emotions around, depression is especially common. Not everyone is blessed to have a family or friends to celebrate with or food to fest on or even a roof to gather under. Please remember to be courteous to everyone you meet, we bump into so many people and have no idea what might be going on in their lives. I know this gets repetitive but really a simple smile, hello or small conversation can make a world of a difference to someone encountering hard times. Remember to give to less fortunate (donde come uno comen cien), keep in mind that homeless person you pass by everyday on your way to work I’m sure he/she will appreciate a nice plate of the most anticipated meal of the year, etc.

Also remember to count your blessings.

Forget about your problems and be thankful for the problems you don’t have. I had a small knee surgery (meniscal repair) a little over 4 weeks ago which forces me to wear a long braces for 6 weeks. These brace come standard size I am 4’11 so just imagine, it pretty much takes over my entire right leg. The first few days I couldn’t do much on my own, I needed help to get up from bed, use the bathroom, shower… you get the picture. I was fussing the entire first week, then therapy started even more fussing. But then I realized how fortunate I am. Even though I am going through a minor setback I have two functioning legs. There are people who will never feel the joy of walking and yet there I was complaining over a brace I get to remove in 6 weeks. Some times we need to have things taken away to realize how good we actually have it. Having to learn how to use my right leg again makes me appreciate ALL my limbs so much more.

I feel extremely guilty for all the whining I’ve done. I decided to start a charity jar. Every time I complain about something minimal like hating my brace I add a dollar to the jar when its full I will give it to charity. I invite you to do the same.

Have a blessed day, sending my love to all




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