Progress Report- Hair Length/Product Talk

Hey Curly Babes,

I haven’t blogged about natural hair care in some time which makes this post super exciting. My hair has grown a lot since I last shared images. Check out the before and after photos.


Before: FEB 2015
Now: FEB 2016


Before: FEB 2015
Now: FEB 2016—–>Love/Hate relationship with shrinkage


Before: JUNE 2015
Most Recent: DEC 2015

While I do try my hardest to take good care of my curls I owe a lot of my success to my hair stylist Ona, she is beyond talented. Clients call her “the hair saint,” that should give you an idea of how skilled she is, my hair (which hasn’t been this long since middle-school) is proof of it. Before finding her I tried endless products and various stylist but my hair simply didn’t grow past shoulder length. Ona solved that issue during my first visit simply using the proper cut technique, my hair hasn’t stopped growing since.


****ONA TIP: When applying styling product take very small sections, apply product in a zigzag from root to end and saturate it, this method ensures even distribution of the product (trust me it makes a world of a difference).

For more information on Ona find her @:

Instagram: OMDS
Twitter: Onadiazsantin
Fb: Ona D-s
Company website:

Now let’s talk PRODUCTS: I love experimenting with products, some work others don’t but there are two I can always count on.

Devacurl- One Condition
OYIN Handmade- Hair Dew


Both of these products are extremely hydrating and keep my curls moisturized and frizz-free for days.

Sometimes I use these together (resulting in extreme shine, not weighed down instead bouncy and luminous) however each works wonders on its own.

When I do use these together I use the One Condition as my rise out conditioner leaving a small amount in and then apply the Hair Dew in small sections.

The One Condition isn’t a styler but I use it as if it were and it works beautifully, applying it in small sections as I do the OYIN or any other styler. (I dilute the products with water; last longer, plus I have thin hair which limps when too much product is added.)

Devacurl came out with a new and “improved” version of the One Condition not too long ago, called One Condition Decadence. It was designed specifically for dry curly hair. Since I love the original formula I thought I would equally like it, unfortunately for me it dried out my hair tremendously. I was shocked having read so many good reviews before making the purchase.


I admit the smell is heavenly, that is probably the only positive thing I can say about the product. Since it’s already in my beauty cabinet and I don’t want it to be a total loss I use it mixed in with my usual pre-poo treatment (baking soda, coconut oil, honey and yogurt), works great.

I recommend all my fellow curlies to try the One Condition and Hair Dew and definitely visit Ona (very worthy investment).

If you have tried any of these products, I would love to read your experience, share it in the comment box below.

Until next time, have a blessed week ❤


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