The Rebirth of Unveiled Glamour

It has been a while since my last post. I know this isn’t the first time I have gone “MIA” but this time I plan on being more consistent. I warn you this will be a long post but I hope and urge you to stick around until the end.

I started this blog my last year of college. It was mandatory for a social media class I was taking. This was at a time when I was completely disconnected from the world. I wanted no involvement in social media; I didn’t feel like talking to people, or seeing happy jolly post. I was in a dark and deep place of grief. But also desperately wanted to finish college and so I started the blog.

I had to post very often which is why I was much more consistent at the beginning of this journey. After I graduated I tried to stick with it because I actually started to enjoy it but still being in a place of grief it got harder and harder to stay motivated. It was easier at the beginning because A) I was getting graded and B) even though I was grieving I was still in a stage of shock and somehow functioning on adrenaline if that makes any sense (I knew it happened but it was still not sinking in). With each passing day it got harder to cope with life and face my new reality. When my boyfriend died a big part of me did as well, I was existing but not really living.


It has been three years I have experienced ups and downs, there have been times I felt I was learning to live with the pain and then I would lose it all over again. As a result I had to do deep soul-searching mostly through, prayer and reading. I don’t think you ever heal from losing a loved one but you learn to live again. I strongly feel I have reached a place of acceptance. I have released a lot of suppressed emotions and feel I can now pick up the pieces and start to rebuild again.

A great part of it comes from this book “When Bad Things Happen to Good People,” by Harold S. Kushner. This book I can’t even describe, I am still “literature high or on a spiritual overdose.” It is inspiring, calming, just amazing. It has given me a different perspective on life and God which now help me view things from a much more positive angle. Everyone can benefit from reading this book.


The book brings up the questions we have all asked at some point in our lives: Why Me? Why didn’t God stop it from happening? Why do bad things happen to those who don’t deserve it?

Because I have answers to those questions now my faith has been completely renewed. I will break down the book in more detail in the next post. I invite you to read on, well urge you to read on because this information is worth both, knowing and sharing.

My soul search continues and I invite you to come along with me, I will continue to share my spiritual finds from literature or any discoveries I may find. But this will remain as a beauty/fashion/ lifestyle blog.

Peace to all


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