Sister Day 2015

Last summer I shared a post about a very special tradition my sister and I started in 2011. It’s called Sister Day. Sister Day is meant for us to spend quality time together with no interruptions. We plan a full day of activities but not just anything it has to be something fun that we wouldn’t want to experience with anyone else but each other. It’s typically on July 1st but with my sister getting married this past May and adjusting to her new life we had to postpone it a bit.

My sister moving out has been a huge adjustment  since we were practically joint at the hip making this year’s Sister Day that much more special.

This year we went to a cute, tacky (in a good way), vintage tea house called Alice Tea Cup Chapter 1.

IMG_32141Google Image

There’s a bunch of antique furniture that don’t quite match but somehow tie together so well giving a warm cozy feel. It almost feels like drinking tea at your grandmother’s house, such a cute little spot. If you live in NYC you must check it out. The food is delicious and there’s a wide variety of tea favors to choose from.

2015-09-24 15.58.56IMG_20150924_163552

After tea we took a stroll to central park and rented a rowboat. It was the perfect touch for a relaxing afternoon. When we first got on it was hilarious we keep moving in the opposite direction and it seemed we were barely moving, eventually we got the hang of it. Our rowboat adventure lasted an hour.

Photo Collage Maker_Kb7nUl

Afterwards we sat in central park for a while eating out our doggy bag from Alice Tea Cup. It ended up being a beautiful and mellow sister day.

If you have a sibling you should definitely try this, it’s a beautiful way to bond.

Side-note: I tried styling my hair in a Mohawk and absolutely loved it. Since I was feeling  afro-centric it was only right I wore my “Yo Amo Mi Pajon” t-shirt that day…



 Besos ❤ ❤


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