A little fall inspiration

Don’t you just love fall? Warm enough to wear cute tops and jackets without being too covered up but cool enough to wear boots. ❤

Dark clothes I adore. In this occasion it matched my smoky eye perfectly.

 Big hair, pop of red (my favorite color) and fun glasses spice up any outfit 😉PhotoGrid_1412389032975[1]


6 thoughts on “A little fall inspiration

  1. You look so cute. I love fall fashion myself. I just wish that fall lasted a bit longer here in Toronto. We normally only have two seasons winter for what seems like 10 months and then summer for 2 that consists of humidity lol
    I love your cardigan and your boots!

  2. I love both looks! The oversized sweater you are wearing in the first photo is very popular here in Buenos Aires. I will definitely be loading up on those before I return to NYC. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I used to hate fall and its my bday season {go figure}. However since last fall {it took me that long}, I’ve developed a new appreciation for it. From the different foods {Panera Bread even has a fall menu #yum..lol}, the fashion and even the colors. I like fall now, at least early fall. When the leaves are fresh, it’s not too cold and outside looks like a painting. Anywho, you look lovely and laid back. Your fall fashion is popping ❤

    1. Omg now that you mention food I’m thinkng of pumpkin pie (watery mouth lol). I get what you’re saying when I was younger fall wasn’t my favorite either. But now I can’t get enough of it. I’m constantly on the lookout for pretty leaves I can bring home whenever I’m out lol (weird hobby). Thanks for reading hun =) 

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