Life Purpose, What is it?

Happy New Year Pretties!

Have you found your life purpose yet?

Yes, you have, it’s you! You are your life purpose. I read a text that has stuck with me and helped me realize life purpose is not this exterior thing you should seek or chase, it’s already in you. You are the purpose of your life through the love you give yourself and the spark you share with the world. It’s those little actions of good you perform when no one is watching, those noble acts that come from the heart. The actions of love you give out selflessly. Your gifts and talents, the joy you bring, the wit, the sass, your essence, all that is you. Your mere existence is a gift to the world. So, go on girl with your bad self, you are one of a kind.


Emily ❤

¿Ya has encontrado el propósito de tu vida?

¡Si claro que si! El propósito de tu vida está en ti, tú eres el propósito de tu vida. Leí un texto que se me quedó grabado y me ayudó a darme cuenta de que el propósito de la vida no es algo exterior que debes buscar o perseguir, ya esta en ti. Tu eres el propósito de tu vida a través del amor que te das y la chispa que compartes con el mundo. Son esas pequeñas acciones buenas que haces cuando nadie está mirando, esos actos nobles que nacen del corazón. Las acciones de amor que das desinteresadamente. Tus dones y talentos, la alegría que trasmites, tu astucia, picardía, esencia, tu mera existencia es un regalo para el mundo. Entonces, arriba chica, eres única.

-Con Amor

Emily ❤


3 thoughts on “Life Purpose, What is it?

  1. I read a lot of your older posts from 2014-2015 and was curious to see if you still updated this blog. I’m goad to see a recent update – i love reading about your hair and self love journey

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