Nail Art At Its Best

Hello lovelies,

I have to share this information; it is too good to keep to myself. Here it goes, AMI VEGA (elsalonsito)!

She is an amazing nail artist in NYC.

Ami Vega is the reason I will never ever get a cheap manicure again. Her incredible talent welcomed me into an amazing new sector of gel manicures and nail art, I could never turn back.

When my graduation day was approaching I was growing more and more melancholic, missing my boyfriend and knowing it would be a bitter sweet moment not having him there. So I decided to find a creative way to honor his memory and also have a representation of him with me that day.

What better way to honor him than expressing our love through art. I got a gel manicure with amazing hand drawn art. I have over a month with my manicure, of course I need a refill already but the art is still intact.


aviary_1403428941344 (1)

I am completely in love with my nails. I cannot believe Ami was able to hand draw perfectly my very specific and detailed vision. Not to mention she is so sweet and nice. Because she truly cares about her clients wishes she takes her time and pays very close attention to detail. Her goal is customer satisfaction and most importantly she makes sure your nails stay healthy unlike the cheap manicures you can get at any local manicure and pedicure spot.

My sister's gel tips by the talented Ami V
My sister’s gel tips by the talented Ami V

She is very gentle and uses very little buffer to prevent any damage to your nails. When I used to get acrylic nails my nails were roughed up with electric files, the technicians assured it was necessary for the acrylic to stick better. That is a complete lie and it is actually very harmful to your nails, leaving them weak and thin.

Things I learned from Ami:

  • A good manicurist will not roughen up your nails just lightly buffer the surface and clean your nails well before applying any chemical to avoid infections
  • Refrain from cutting your cuticles it is an unhealthy habit, push back the cuticles but do not cut them
  • Applying any oil (coconut oil is my favorite) will help smooth out cuticles and the skin around your nails

If you have a vision Ami can make it happen. Check her out at or Instagram @AMIVNAILS


PS. If you are lucky enough like I was you get an autographed custom painting by her adorable 4 year old daughter…lol =)



2 thoughts on “Nail Art At Its Best

  1. Awesome pics and fashion you have done in your all images and you are looking very attractive in all stuff which you wear. Fashion and makeup play a vital rule in this modern time to look very attractive for any parties and wedding .Thanks

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