Blazers and Wedges

Blazers and wedges make a bland outfit go from boring to chic. This was my favorite look of the week, simple and comfortable. As I have mentioned before I love mixing colors and it worked fabulous for this outfit. Without the blazer it becomes a casual outfit to wear on a walk, running errands, any casual affair. With the blazer it becomes more snazzy appropriate for brunch, casual drinks at a bar, movies, etc. I wasn’t really going anywhere but my aunt was coming to visit and I wanted to look presentable.


The blazer and jeans are from H&M. I always rave about dark wash jeans because it is easier to dress up and in my opinion fancier. The jeans are regular length but I rolled them up to achieve a fun summer day look. The tank top if from Macy’s and the wedges I got from a small boutique downtown a few years ago. The leopard print belt is also from H&M. I love leopard print. Anytime print is added to any outfit(in good taste) it becomes eye catchy and adds more drama and attention to the look.



Have a blessed week lovelies 😉


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