Overalls at AMC Theater

I paraded this outfit on a chill Sunday walking through Riverside Drive and catching a movie at AMC theater.


When overalls came back to style I was super excited. But being a short gal (4’11) finding one that fit properly was a mission. While browsing online I fell in love with this overall from forever21 and decided to purchase it (anticipating the straps would be too long).

When I received it it was way longer than I expected but I was determined to make it work regardless.With a little patience I was able to pin down the back strap with safety pins. Making sure it was flat enough not  to be noticeable and also secure and comfortable.

PhotoEditor-1404081848720Adding the white button down gave me a more polished and mature look. Versus wearing just the leopard print leotard which would have given me a more casual, playful, young, flirty look. That alternative is also charming and stylish but it wasn’t the look I was going for at the time.


PhotoEditor-1404082382609I love walking through Riverside Drive there is so much beauty hidden in this pocket of NYC.

PhotoEditor-1404082183195 (1)


Has anyone experienced the AMC Theater renovation? New reclining chairs were installed which makes the experience of watching a movie so much better. (Not all AMC Theaters in NYC have been renovated, only a selected few.)

I went to watch Think Like A Man Too, Sunday morning with my sister. We went to the AMC on 84th street and Broadway avenue. It doesn’t get any better than watching a movie while laying down.There is so much space separating the rolls that you can literally lay all the way back if you wish to. The chairs are pretty wide giving enough room to move around and be comfortable. The arm rest can also be lifted up.

Spoiler Alert: The movie was not as good as I expected. From the trailer I expected the party scene to be much longer and funnier, instead it only last a couple of minutes. Also celebrities May Weather and Drake were included in the movie but their role didn’t really tie in with the movie.

Hope you enjoyed this post, have a lovely week. 😉


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