Styling natural/transitioning Hair

Before I begin my fully natural journey I’ve like to leave my final recommendations for transitioners in regards to styling.

For me the easiest way to combine both textures was to style my hair using the braid out method.In the video below I demonstrate how I braided my third day hair in order to rock a braid out the next day without having to wash my hair again.

  1. I parted my hair into four sections and did a quick finger detangle
  2.  I then braided my hair the furthest possible and secured it at the end (This can be done different ways but my two favorites are simply using a bobby pin or a roller)
  3. Once I had braided my hair I wet it a bit to reactivate the product already in my hair and get some moisture into it (I prefer this way because I find wet hair harder to work with and it breaks much easier)

  (Sorry I forgot to mute the TV)

In the morning when I took out the braids I used a long tail comb to help get rid of the sectioned parts or lines. You can also use a pick to blend it all in.

Due to the straight ends the pineapple sleeping method didn’t work very well for me and when it did work it lasted no longer than two days. This is why by the third day I usually refreshed my braid out or wore my hair in a high bun.

  • For those unfamiliar with the pineapple method it is simply is a loose but secure high ponytail all the way on the top of your head, almost reaching your forehead.The ends could be gently pulled back and secured with a bobby pin. You may either sleep with a bonnet cap or on a satin pillow.

The picture below is probably one of my favorite styles, a big puff with less definition. To achieve that look I used the same braid out method but this time the only product I added was the Milk_Shake leave in conditioner. In the future I will write a full review on the line, it is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t done so already give this leave- in a try. It works wonders for my hair.

This little cutie is my godson Angel.
This little cutie is my godson Angel.

And the last method I tried is called the Bantu Knots. Unfortunately I don’t have a demo video. Here are the steps:

-After applying all my products I parted my hair into eight sections.

– I then took one section and twisted from root to tip and then twist around forming a knot.

It is hard to explain this without any visuals. Here is a YouTube tutorial.

And so this is it for my transitioning journey. Farewell transitioning phase and hello natural.  So excited =)

Next post will be my big transformation.


4 thoughts on “Styling natural/transitioning Hair

  1. Hi! Thanks for posting this! I was planning on doing a twist out, but this looks easier. I love her videos. Now if only I can make it to the beauty Thanks again😁

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