Big Chop or Not?

As I have mentioned in previous post I have been transitioning to natural hair for a year and five months now. I still have a long way to go to fully get rid of my relaxed ends. At this point I am getting a bit impatient and annoyed at having to deal with two different textures. After many days of playing with the idea in my head I have decided to cut all my straight ends.

I am aware that it will be a big change and that my hair will probably shrink and be shorter than I’ve like but that’s okay. My hair does not define me; it is simply an accessory on my head. Keep that in mind dolls with confidence we can make any hair style work and feel comfortable with ourselves.

I will be getting my hair cut at the Devachan Hair Salon in Broome Street. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a salon that caters specifically to curly hair. Their technique is cutting each curl individually. After much research I found a lot of people who rave about the salon and others whose experience haven’t been as positive. But I decided to check it out for myself.

Here are some pictures of my hair before the cut. I will share my experience at the Devachan Salon and new haircut in a later post.

While Wet:


To blend the two textures I split my hair into four sections and braid it. Once dry I take out the braids. These are the results.

get-attachment (6)

The message I want to share with you dolls is not to become a slave of your hair, beauty isn’t measured by your hair but rather by your confidence and personality. It took me this long to open up to the idea of the big chop. But I finally realized I was allowing my hair to rule my life, placing too much value on my hair and its length to measure my beauty. The length gives me comfort but at the same time a feeling of constrain; constantly having to check my hair through the day to make sure the curls haven’t been lost, avoiding water after my hair has been styled to prevent the straight ends from showing up (makes washing your face more complicated than it should be). I feel tied down and so it is time for change. When the negatives of transitioning started to out weigh the good I knew it was time for change.

And so dolls my advice to you is to do what works for you. Transition until your new growth has gotten to a length you are comfortable to cut at or  continue transitioning until you reach the very tip of your relaxed ends, etc. Make sure whatever decision you make you are happy with. As with everything you do in life transitioning to healthy hair should bring you joy and not be a burden or detainment.

The next post will be a video demonstrating how I braid my hair to blend my two textures. And the following will be my new look after the big chop.

Stay tune


12 thoughts on “Big Chop or Not?

  1. Your hair is gorgeous! My first big chop I did the same thing and let my hair grow out to a point where I could deal with the length… But my second big chop I actually did it mostly out of curiosity to see how I looked with short hair! Keep inspiring! Love this!

    1. Hey Doll, thanks for your comment. I started cutting little by little at home but I just got so fed up that I finally went for the big chop. It is much shorter than I anticipated but that’s okay because it feels so liberating. Doesn’t it? I can finally let my hair curl on its own without having to manipulate it to stay a certain way. It is going to take some getting use to since this is the first time my hair has been this short but I am loving the way my curls have come to life. Were you happy with the results of your big chop?

    1. Thanks Doll. I actually already cut it off. It is much shorter than I’ve like but omg it feels so liberating. I am loving the way my hair curls now. I can totally relate to your post from April 15, 2012. I also feel that I look better with long hair but hopefully with good care it will grow back soon. In my next post I will upload pictures of my new look. By the way I love your look congrats on your new length.

      1. Yes! It’s so liberating. I kept saying, “I’m free, I’m free. After I did it. Thank you. I can’t wait to see it. It’s going to grow out even stronger and healthier.

  2. Wishing you the best of luck in this new chapter for natural, healthy and beautiful hair as that is what it is! Beautiful! I transitioned for 10 months and became frustrated like you and just decided to go for it. I am now fully natural as of the 10th January 2014 and loving it! I just posted a blog about it a couple of days ago. feel free to check it out. I know you will too. As you so rightly said and India Arie sang, ‘I am not my hair’. It does not define the inner beauty and love you have within. We often forget that with some of the ‘images’ of beauty out there! I LOVE my natural hair and I cannot wait to see where the journey takes me! Good luck and welcome! xoxo

    1. Thanks doll. Although it is a big adjustment I am loving my natural hair. I also look foward to this journey and its outcome. It is very important for us to love ourselves in and out. I belive confidence and self acceptance go hand in hand with beauty and we should enforce that message espcially amongst the youth. I will definetely check out your blog.

  3. The best thing to do is to just cut those ends off once you’ve reached a certain length or your natural hair is longer than the relaxed! Congratulations to you for taking that step and much success on your natural journey! 🙂

  4. Your texture is beautiful! Can’t wait to see it after the cut. 🙂 Love hearing the stories of other long term transitioners. I held on to my ends for 15months and I’m sooo glad I did. Lol. Super big chops aren’t for everyone.

    1. Hey doll, thank you. Yeah it took me a long time to finally make the decision. I agree big chops aren’t for everyone. When I was transitioning it annoyed me when people tried to convince me to do the big chop. Everyone’s journey is different. I am also glad that I waited beause it allowed me to learn more about my hair, figure out the right regimen and just get use to being a natural. But now that I reached this point I feel so liberated. Thanks for your comment =).

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