Life Travels as a Black Woman

Greeting Pretties,

I hope all is well. This has become a custom huh? I say I will be more consistent and disappear for months and months. I won’t make any more promises instead I will catch you up on where I been and what I been doing.

Well I have been all over the place honestly, disorganized chaos which has come with good and bad.

I traveled to the magical place that is Bali, oh what a beautiful experience that was. I have never dreamed of such a beautiful place; it almost seems unreal. Every corner I turned felt like a postcard infused with amazing mountainous, volcanic or just simply nature in its purest and finest form.

The native people of Bali were welcoming and inviting very nice and respectful, but the stares were notable. Not sure I want to take this post in that direction but what the heck why not let’s talk about it briefly as I do plan on speaking further on this in a future post. While in Bali my friend (also a black female) and I were meet with stares almost everywhere we went. The natives usually smiled and were genuinely surprised to see us, almost as if they couldn’t belief believe black women or people exist. I could see the excitement and fascination in their eyes for the most part but on a few occasions it did feel like we were being made fun off (during a tour at a coffee garden an elderly lady who seemed to work there or maybe even lived there kept looking over at my friend and I and laughing). Could it be that they truly don’t see black people often? It’s crazy to me that they are so shocked when many of them are also of tanner complexion. Also, in the past few years I have heard of Bali almost everywhere and anywhere vacation is mentioned, it seems it is gaining the interest of travelers and it surprises me that the natives aren’t used to seeing black faces more often.

When visiting Bali there were of course other travelers as well most of them were of also of Asian culture. They too stared, commented, asked for photos, sneaked photos, and completely invaded our privacy. These stares were invasive often accompanied with picture request which we sternly declined. How dare they make us feel as if we were some sort of extinct animal or an exhibition. As human of course we get curious when we see people or things that aren’t “normal” to us or that we have never encountered but to go out of your way to ask someone to take a picture because you think they are so “special” (yes a woman actually approached me this way asking if she could take my photo claiming I am so special). I am on vacation just like you are, trying to enjoy my time and relax like anyone who goes on holiday. I come from New York, racism is already a huge problem here and then to travel all the way across the world and still be meet with stares and reminders that I am “different” to the rest of the world, it’s annoying.

This experience did not take away one bit from my trip, in fact I brushed it off and enjoyed my vacation to the fullest as I should and deserve. It wasn’t until I came back home that I thought things through and was irked by the lack of ethical behavior from those people but again I didn’t allow it to enrage me or take any of the magic away from my trip and the memories I brought back with me. Their views and behavior don’t face me as annoying as they are, I am confident in the woman that I am and proud of my lineage and ancestors. I love every bit of me and my heritage and wouldn’t change it for the world. When things like this come up what matters isn’t what they think but how you react, and I choose to join them in the admiration. They’re right I am one of kind, I am beautiful, intelligent, strong, flavorful, full of rich culture, values and traditions. I can go on because really black women are exceptional creations, but instead I will share this quote by Zora Neale Hurston because while it makes me giggle it is just so accurate “Sometimes I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It’s beyond me.”

Also, side note I did search this to see if other black people have experienced the same and yes, many have. I also noticed a lot of none black people particularly white people commenting and questioning the experience as if the people who experienced the racism or prejudice were being over sensitive or exaggerating. To them I say this STOP COMMENTING ON THE BLACK EXPERIENCE you have no idea what it’s like, you have no idea of the constant battles we face on a daily basis pretty much anywhere we go. We also do not need your validation as we know what we deal with and are subject to better than anyone else because guess what, we are the ones living it.

I will share more about my trip in a video I am working on.

Oh, before I end this post, I will leave you with a cliffhanger, I quit my job to pursue my true passion. It has been quiet the journey thus far many lessons have been learned, some tears have been shed but the desire and passion burn higher and higher. If anyone ever said pursuing your dreams would be easy, they lied but it is so worth it. In the end when you achieve a milestone no matter now big or small that proud feeling is worth all the fight. In the end no will ever be prouder of you than yourself only you know how hard you have worked for it; how much work and effort has gone into it to get to the final product.

Till next time pretties ❤


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