Black Latina – Happy Black History Month

Hello Pretties,

Happy Black history month. I have been absent from my blog for a few months, during that time a lot has happened one of the major events was having the opportunity to visit Cartagena Colombia. Wow, what an experience that was. As a black Latina it was such a welcoming environment as Cartagena has very strong Afro history and influence. Almost everywhere I turned I heard a vendor or a local say “Hey my color, we’re from the same family” especially when they realized I too am a black Latina, fluent in Spanish. I will share more about this experience in a later post. In this post I just want to share a post I uploaded in my instagram page just because to me the message is so powerful and I want it to be heard by as many people as possible.

Before adding it below I would also like to say that I have always stood up and been vocal about my views on living as black Latina and how it is import for us to be equally respected, represented and given opportunities. When I fight for my rights as a black Latina I am not trying to create division but rather awareness of the feelings and experience of an Afro Latina, for inclusion to be possible awareness needs to come first.

Heres the Post:

” This one goes out to you my Black Latina sisters; the ones that are misrepresented, unheard, unappreciated, the ones that don’t fit into a description box. You my Black Latina sister with your glowy chocolate skin and your glorious curls I see you, I feel you I understand the struggle of not being able to be who you are without someone having an opinion about it; too Black to be Latina they say, too Latina to be Black. We are who we are, the Latinas who grew up watching Sábado Gigante every Saturday, we are the Black women who can’t resist the beat of African drums… We are the Black Latinas who even in an era of Afro-Latina empowerment are not represented because the lighter Latina with the looser curl pattern is still what media accepts as beauty. But you and I sisters we are Magic, a rare unique fierce beauty, a force to be reckon with, our beauty is so glorious and so different many can’t understand it. I see you, together we will stand strong and keep breaking barriers until they understand that the word beautiful cannot be described without us being mentioned, that we are capable, creative, intelligent strong women that cannot and will not be stopped, our fire can never burn out because we are AFRO-LATINAS!! We have fought and continue to fight two wars the war of being a Black woman and the one of being a Latina woman, everyday we come out victorious because we will not be detained by racial or social barriers. We fight this fight for ourselves, to defend our lineage but most importantly we are carving the way for all the little girls looking up to us for guidance, they will not be ostracized, they will not be silenced they will be raised as strong warriors filled with self-love and value for themselves and their roots … on that note Happy Black History month YES we celebrate both Black History and Hispanic Heritage month because that is who we are… Shine on sistas”

In the picture above I am wearing a Afro- Latina shirt by Hannie’s Decor you can purchase it through instagram @hanniesdecor . This is an event planning business my sister and I started, over time we expanded into handmade goods as well created to celebrate and highlight our Black and Latina culture.

Until next time pretties, Love and Blessings to all ❤


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