Beware: MissGuided isn’t a reliable company..

Missguided is clothing line based in the UK. They do not have a phone number, any questions or issues are handled via email. They usually respond within 24 hours.

(My experience starts off great and ends horribly please read until the end.)

My first purchase was sometime in December 2014. I received my order everything went great. Issues began when I placed my second order. They sent the wrong size. I returned the item and was given a full refund on the garment and the return fee.


Even though I wasn’t too happy about the incident I put it past me and gave the company another try. I fell in love with the split midi suede skirt above.

I placed an order on July 13th. I made sure I placed my order with enough anticipation so that I would have it by the 26 which is the day I was celebrating my birthday. I received my package on the 18th. Guess what?

Wrong size.

I got in contact with the company. The representative instructed me to return the skirt and send an image of the postage once the item was shipped.

I sent the picture of the postage on the 20th. A representative responded saying it would take 5 days to sort out before shipping the correct size and it would be in my best interest to place a new order under express shipping. I would be refunded on the skirt I returned and the charges for the express shipping.

I was hesitant but I placed the order on the 21st . I should have received the skirt no later than the 23rd. Again it didn’t arrive.

When I tried tracking it turns out only a label was created but the package never left the warehouse. I was furious at this point.

It’s so irresponsible for a company to make so many mistakes back to back and especially with the same customer.

I emailed back and forth asking for my package. I was told it would be sent out immediately. I was given a tracking number. When I tried tracking it, it was the tracking number for my old order. Then I was told I wouldn’t receive it until the 27th which would be too late. Another representative wrote there was a mistake at the warehouse and it would take 5 days to sort out and be sent. I was offered 10% off my next purchase as if that justifies anything.

Each representative gave a different answer, I was lied to and was sent automated emails that didn’t answer any of my concerns or solve my issues. (By the 27th the skirt hadn’t arrived, another lie.)


After 12 emails I was given a refund on both orders but I was not given a refund on the return fee which I was initially promised.

I will continue to email because I refuse to pay for their mistake.

One of the rude representatives told me I was never told I would receive a refund on the return fee, as I am some sort of liar. Why should I pay for the company’s mistake it is their fault I was sent the wrong size not mine.

I copied and pasted the conversation were I was told I would receive the refund on the return fee unto an email to which another representative responded they will issue the refund but I am yet to receive it.

This company is horrible, they make constant mistakes, they never ever take a loss instead the customer does without having any fault. The policy “the customer is always right” does not apply in this company.

The representatives lack knowledge and obviously do not take their job serious which is why they do not care if they provided customers with incorrect information.

 I ended up buying my suede skirt at necessary clothing and even though it isn’t quite the same design it is beautiful and very flattering.


Till next time chichas ❤


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