She Asked And I Said YES!!! (Wedding Chronicles: Maid on honor Diaries- Entry 1)

Maid of honor on the loose

Just like the title suggest I’ve been honored the maid of honor role at my sister’s wedding, which is this upcoming May. Thus far it’s been a great bonding experience. It’s the very last event we get to plan and experience together before she begins her new life.

I thought it’d be a fun journey to share with you lovelies, as I am sure many can relate. Hopefully this and future posts reach a fellow maid of honor and serve as a guide or just a reference for ideas. 

A maid of honor has endless duties which would make this post extremely long. Therefore I am going to divide each task or phase into entries of a diary/series titled “Wedding Chronicles: Maid of Honor Diaries.” I guess this is entry #1.

Photo found on Pinterest
Photo found on Pinterest

Entry #1: Accepting and assuming the maid of honor role

Initially when I found out my brother-in-law would propose my heart sank. Of course I was happy for my sister but sad to let go. My sister and I are inseparable, we have never lived apart, we share a bedroom heck even a bed. When we were younger my parents got us separate beds but we insisted on sleeping together. I am now 23, she is 27 and we still chose to sleep together. That should give you an idea of how close we are.

The way my sister asked me to be her maid of honor was extremely sweet and unique, it truly touched my heart.

Screenshot_2015-04-20-00-03-45-1 (1)


How cute is she? She filled the basket with all my favorite goodies.

  • a sweet list explaining why she chose me as her maid of honor
  • hots tamales (one of my favorite candies)
  • a pair of boots
  • pants
  • 2 Nicole nail polish
  • macaroons (my absolute favorite dessert)
  • an hour massage voucher
  • a red Sephora lipstick
  • box of green tea

Maid of Honor 101:
Remember a maid of honor’s duty is to serve the bride; offer support and help keep the entire planning experience, all the events leading up to the wedding and ultimately the wedding itself under control. Your job is to LISTEN, give advice and input when asked. Sometimes giving too much input confuses the bride and adds more stress. Do not confuse your role with an event/wedding planner. I know it can be difficult to keep quiet and not share your opinions but remember it is the bride’s moment not yours.

Google Image
Google Image

Organization is essential. Get a notepad and list all your duties, check off each task upon completion.

This is the list I began with:

  • Search for photographers (engagement and wedding photo packages)
  • Search for bridal boutiques and set up appointments
  • Search for  flower girl basket within the theme (rustic)
  • Begin brainstorming for the bachelorette
  • Bridal shower ideas/location/date
  • Make bride and bridal party t-shirts
  • Ideas to decorate the newlywed bedroom (this isn’t necessarily a maid of honor duty but since the bride is my lovely sister I will go above and beyond)
  • Search for a traveling hair-stylist and makeup-artist
  • Search for limo services and prices

All list will be different and should be tailored to the bride’s specific needs.

Well this is it for this post. I hope it was enjoyable,  stay tuned for more wedding chronicles. Have a blessed week lovelies.

 Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love”
– 1 Corinthians 13:13


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