Gel manicure

Hello Spring,
I’m sure many share my joy. Super ready to get rid of all this snow.

2015-03-11 03.29.21Totally started this post off topic. The purpose of this post is to share pictures of my latest gel manicures which I hadn’t shared.

Screenshot_2015-03-11-02-18-03-1This was my Christmas/Vacation design. Since I was going away I wanted to keep it simple but also add a bit of dazzle for the festivities.

20150128_135236This manicure was after returning from vacation. I absolutely love that color, it’s called Mirror Mirror by Alessandro USA. During vacation my nails grew a lot. I was debating whether to trim or not, ridiculously long nails look vulgar in my opinion but in this case the oval shape gave it a classy twist. I was planning on trimming at my next appointment but things didn’t go accordingly. I needed up breaking two nails; one the day before my appointment, one the day off. Imagine my anger and frustration (had to take a few deep breath).

20150220_134819And so I ended up trimming and reshaping my nails to restart the growth process. I was actually really satisfied with this manicure.  It feels so liberating to have short nails after so long, it’s easier to do things. Plus you could never go wrong with black; elegant, edgy, fun all in one.

Since my last manicure I broke another nails and so I decided to take a break from gel manicures. I am going to let my nails breath and grow naturally.

I shall share spring nails in the near future, stay tune.



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