Fashion Challenge

Hola Chicas,
I found a fashion gem I just can’t keep quiet about. To think it all began as a challenge.

Like myself my younger cousin is a fashion enthusiast. As a high school student his budget is limited and so he is always on the hunt for quality clothes at bargain prices. If you haven’t caught on by now I am referring to thrift shops.

As much as I trust his judgment I was very hesitant about shopping at a thrift shop . I am an EXTREME germ freak making the idea of second-hand clothes gruesome.

My brother-in-law challenged me to visit a thrift shop and return with a complete outfit with a maximum budget of $50.00. I never turn down a challenge so off to the thrift shop I went.

My cousin took me to Buffalo Exchange, there are multiple locations but we went to the one in the village (NYC). (Doing research on the web I read that thrift shops in fancier neighborhoods have better quality items.)

I had a preconceived image of what a thrift shop would be like, kind of dungy but turns out I was totally off. The store is very inviting and trendy. I came across many good brands.

I purchased five items for the grand total of $55.00.


Brand: Juicy Couture
Bargain: $22.00
Original Price Range: $50-70

20150302_000316-1Because these pants are high-waisted they slim down the waist line resulting in an ultra-flattering fit.

Brand: American Apparel
Bargain: $6.00
Original Price Range: $12 – 30

20150302_000227-1This crop top is a perfect match to the trousers. The combination of a turtle neck crop top and high-waisted pants elongate my torso making me appear taller. It also allows me to show a little skin in good taste. Who said fuller figure girls can’t show a little stomach?

Brand: H&M
Bargain: $12.00
Original Price Range: $24-35

20150302_003001-2I can never resist a pretty pencil skirt.

Brand: BedStu
Bargain: $20.00
Original Price: $119.00

20150302_004049-1I love these shoes because of its uniqueness and artsy qualities, besides I had nothing this fun in my shoe collection prior.

Brand: H&M
Bargain: $6.00
Original Price Range: $30-35

20150303_045111Seriously for $6.00 who would walk away from it?

At the end of my thrift shop adventure I was a happy camper or should I say bargain shopper. I was able to create three entirely different looks; Chic, Sexy and Relaxed (adding on some items I already owned).

20150302_00010020150302_00043620150302_000522Adding the red shoes and lips give the outfit pizzazz. Plus the colors work lovely together.

20150302_00292720150302_00251220150302_002710Integrating pastels softens and brightens up the outfit while complementing to the pastel on the skirt’s pattern.

20150302_003936These shoes can liven up any dull outfit as it did with this simple jean and t-shirt look. (Chunky heels are always a plus, easier to walk in.)

Moral: Don’t knock it till you try it.
You don’t have to spend big bucks to look good.

–“People will stare. Make it worth their while”- Harry Winston

Later Amores


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