Outfit Updates

Leotards are back in style, some find it uncomfortable but I have been wearing them since young so I have accustomed to them.

I wore this on a casual Sunday. It was a cute/fun/young/ funky outfit to wear on a day of fun at the park with my 4 year old niece and godson.

Leotards can be very flattering as they tend to slim your midsection and kind of force you to practice good posture. But it is also be very revealing. It hugs onto your skin very tight. If you aren’t comfortable with your midsection this is a trend you may want to skip or make sure you find one that adjust nicely to your form.

2014-06-09 02.54.01

  • Leotard: Forever 21
  • Jeans: Levis -Juniors 535 Acid-Wash Denim-L (Purchased from Macy’s)
  • Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger, Honeybee Oxford Flats- (Purchased from Macy’s)

The shoes are ultra comfortable.

These jeans are currently my favorite. Very flattering and unique, Levi’s jeans never disappoint. I am not a fan of acid or washed-out jeans but these are the perfect compromise, similar but not really.


For my graduation I wanted to wear something classy but also a tad sexy. This dress was the perfect combination.

Lace is always a good option, it is elegant and simple.

The lace and high neckline satisfied my wish for a classy look and the cutout in the back added just the right amount of sexy.

  • Dress: XOXO Cap-Sleeve Lace Dress-  (Purchased from Macy’s)
  • Shoes: CL by Chinese Laundry, Angelina Pumps-  (Purchased from Macy’s)
  • Jewelry: Standout Bangle set- Forever21

Because the dress was so simple my shoes had to be the “wow factor,” these shoes I love. The heel isn’t too high which makes them comfortable to walk in. The pattern and color again very unique.

I  did not accessorizes much to maintain the clean classy look, just a couple of bangles to add a little spunk.


Image from Macys.com
Image from Macys.com
Image from Macys.com
Image from Macys.com

This last look I wore to a beauty event at a restaurant.

I have worn this dress only two times, I had completely forgotten about it. This time around it was bit more loose because I lost some weight but it is still very flattering and charming.

I picked these simple shoes just for a pop of color.  It isn’t very clear in the picture but it is suede burgundy wedges.

  • Dress: Silence & Noise Ponte Knit Submerge Dress- Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes: H&M

2014-06-09 02.12.10

Hope you dolls enjoyed these looks

Hasta luego chicas 😉


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