Wedding Chronicles: Maid on honor Diaries- Entry 2

Bridal Shower- Making the bride’s veil and bouquet

Bridal showers are very special. It is usually a fun event where all the important women in both the bride and groom’s life make a presence. It is a time for the bride to bond with her groom’s extended family and friends (women only). It is also the beginning stage of unity between the bride and groom’s loved ones.

Happy Tears, pinky promise
Happy Tears, pinky promise


 I hosted my sister’s bridal shower and did a lot of diy decorations for it. Of course I am going to share it with you pretties.

First up was making my sister a veil and flower bouquet.



Things needed: sewing machine, transparent hair comb clip,tulle, glitter, card-stock paper, ribbon, printer, craft glue, glue gun

Step 1: cut 3 different pieces of tulle all different length;  24 in, 18 in and 14 in


Step 2: sew all the pieces together with a loose zig-zag stitch, make sure you leave a long piece of thread at the beginning and end of the fabric

Step 3: tie one end of the loose thread

Step 4: hold the other untied loose thread, gently pull on the string and push the fabric to the tied end to gather all the fabric as a tight as possible

Google Image
Google Image

Step 5: tie the loose thread end

Step 6: hand sew the veil onto the hair pin (pass the needle and thread between each of the comb’s tooth)

Google Image
Google Image

Step 7: with a glue gun carefully glue ribbon to the end of each layer of the tulle

Step 8: print phrase you want to attach to the veil and cut out the letters (card-stock paper)

Step 9: cover the letters in craft glue, place a plate under and sprinkle glitter until the letter is completely covered, shake off excess

Step 10: once dry place the letters where you wish, one by one attach the letter using your glue gun

My mom was my model during the making process
My mom was my model during the process

Check out this tutorial:

This veil can also be done without sewing, here’s a link:

Flower bouquet:


Things you need: lollipop sticks, buttons, newspaper, tulle, paper towel roll cardboard, ribbon, rubber-band

Step 1: trace your  thumb finger as many times as you can fit on newspaper page, use a couple of pages

Google Image
Google Image

Step 2: take 2 of the cut outs which are your pedals and glue tight unto the lollipop stick, cover tip entirely

Step 3: Loosely glue and pile pedals unto the stick, essentially on top of one another

Step 4: once your paper flower has enough fullness bend the last layer of pedals to give the effect of a blossoming flower


Step 5: on another stick glue a button on the tip (repeat to your liking) use any fun crafty objects you have and glue unto a stick

Step 6: cut the roll open

Google Image
Google Image

Step 7: gather and arrange the flowers/objects nicely

Step 8: hot glue entire roll quickly (this glue dries fast), attach your gathered sticks to one end and roll it unto the other end tight, should be sturdy now

Step 9: to cover the roll, take a piece of fabric large enoguh to cover the roll and glue it on to it

Step 10: with a piece of tulle cover the entire roll and expand it a little higher to cover any sticks that may be showing


Step 11: to secure the tulle tie a rubber band at the top of the roll,  the excess tulle won’t allow the rubber-band to show

Step 12: tie a thin ribbon around the top of the bouquet on top of the rubber-band


Bridal shower diy decor to be continued…


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