Heat Damage Nightmare

Heat damage!!!

Certainly not a phrase a natural wants any association with. Unfortunately I am living this horror.



Many disagree with heat for natural hair but frankly natural to me is setting your own rules. I enjoy switching between straight and curly. I believe if done properly it’s okay to straighten your curls once in a while (every 4 or 6 month). I admit when I do I hold my breath during the next wash hoping every curl is intact.

I do not trust anyone straightening my hair which is why I always do it myself, with plenty precautions.

1. Pre-poo

2. Wash

3. Deep condition

4. Rinse conditioner

5.  leave in

6. Heat protectant

7. Roller sets-air dry or hooded dryer

8. Alternative of roller set is to braid hair in 6 – 8 sections and allow to air dry

9. Flat iron in very small portions, no more than 2 heat strokes per section

10. Seal with a gloss

Switching gears back to the heat damage:
While at the Dominican Republic my hair was rebellious. It was extra dry due to the tropical weather (always happens natural or not).

Annoyed with my hair I decided to go to the salon. BIG MISTAKE!!!

At the salon I had a roller set done followed by a blow out and flat-iron. Frizz kept appearing after the blow out which is why the flat-iron was used, resulting in extreme abuse to my curls.

Returning home I was heartbroken to find out I indeed had heat damage. After washing my hair I realized I didn’t have the usual shrinkage due to mild damage in the roots. I cut off most of the damage in the ends myself. Majority of damage is in the bangs, this section is extremely straight (curls somewhat returned after my haircut).
Screenshot_2015-02-09-03-38-13-1 Screenshot_2015-02-09-03-27-51-1
Before the heat damage I was in need of a trim but because of my earlier salon experiences I was reluctant. My curls lacked shape and a proper cut. Trusting the judgment of fellow bloggers Miss_Rizos and Gypsy_InTheCity (both who I have great admiration and respect for) I scheduled an appointment with Ona, creative director at 5 Salon &  Spa. Both gush about Ona for being a curl wiz.

Damaged ends vs unharmed ends

Ona gave me a divine haircut. I explained the importance of length retention. She was able to shape out my hair giving me layers but keeping most of my length. She also toned down my hair color. The light color was very drying. She advised if growth is my goal  staying away from hair dye is a must.

I haven’t had such a positive salon experience since converting to natural. Ona is extremely talented, very sweet and welcoming. I felt like I was getting my hair done by a friend. She is all about empowering and supporting women. Do your research and make your way to her chair I guarantee you will not regret it. She’s an outstanding stylist.


I hope my mistake serves as a lesson.

Keep those strands healthy.

Later Dolls ❤





4 thoughts on “Heat Damage Nightmare

  1. So sorry to hear about this babe! I am even more happy though to see you sprung straight into action. Inspiring. I am in the middle of a blog about my salon experience which was a nightmare and I am so very reluctant to have anyone do my hair but me. Thank you for sharing this post. I really enjoy your blogs! xoxo

    1. Thanks for reading love.
      It’s so frustrating, to put so much work and effort into your hair and then end up with heat damage. Thank God it’s not too bad.
      I know exactly how you feel regarding to salon experiences. It’s so hard find a good stylist with good customer service skills. I’ve had so many bad salon experiences I truly didn’t plan on setting foot in one again. But I’m glad I found this salon, its amazing. I hope you find one too.
      Best of luck ❤

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