Girls just wanna have fun!

Sheck’s Girl’s night out

3 years ago my sister and I  vowed to always sustain our close relationship regardless of distance or any changes in our lives.

Even though there is an international sibling day we wanted something more personal to us. And so we came up with our own little tradition. It’s called “Sister Day.” Every summer typically on July 1st we reserve the day and spend the entire day together.


My sister Jennefer is 4 years older than me. Even though it doesn’t seem like a huge difference when we were younger it felt like she was 10 years older than me. We had a good relationship but I saw her more as an authoritative figure and not really a friend.Once I graduated high school we became much closer and now we are practically joint to the hip. Sister day is very important to us.

We plan this day months ahead to make sure it is a new and fun experience. It is something we wouldn’t do on an average day and wouldn’t want to do with anyone else.  If you have a siblings this is a great way to bond and make unique, fun memories.

This year we celebrated on July 12 at an event called Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out hosted at Southampton.

The event is for females only. It is a day of shopping, drinking and eating. There is an outdoor BBQ lunch set up and various beverage stations (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). There are all types of vendors selling their products, you can find everything from clothing, jewelry, food to sex toys, make up, soaps and lotions. Prices average from $25 -50.

Before reaching the BBQ we went wine tasting at two different vineyards.




First we went to the Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard Inc. We got to taste 4 different wines. In this vineyard they have rescue horses. We weren’t able to stay for the tour of the stables but we did see the horse in the picture right before we left. Isn’t he cute? The vineyard was charming and welcoming overall. There was also life music.



The last vineyard we went to was the Duck Walk Vineyard. Omg! This place is incredible, the beauty is breath-taking. Nice open fields, pleasant life music and friendly crowd. At this venue they offered over 4 wines for tasting.  I can not even put into words how beautiful this place is. If you want to get in-touch with nature this is definitely a place to consider. The pictures speak for themselves.










Once we arrived at the BBQ we had to wait over an hour in line to eat. There weren’t many places to sit. The Shecky’s event itself was pretty disorganized. But my sister and I made the most out of it. We patiently waited in line for our food and then did a little shopping. Another plus was that we got goodie bags. Inside we found a full size Dove conditioner, mouth wash, tampons, pantie liners, sun burn cream and a book.


At the end of the day my sister and I were exhausted but we had an amazing time.



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