Out with the old and in with the New

With season changes and different tweaks to our hair like dying or bleaching, regimens are bond to change. This has been the case for me after dying my hair brown.

Here is my issue:

  • The darker brown shade in my hair is holding up just fine, requires very little maintenance
  • The problem is the highlighted area on the top layer of my head, it is very dry and frizzes up very easily

*The lighter you dye your hair the more exposed your strands are to damage and dryness.

For this reason my regimen has changed. I no longer co-wash as often. Instead I shampoo or cleanse my hair weekly. Co-wash has become more of a midweek quick wash or freshener. The reason is that I have to make sure there is no buildup in order for my hair to absorb in all the moisture I am feeding it. Co-wash can leave a lot of build up behind which dries out your hair because it is blocking your hair from taking in any hydration.

Here is the shampoo and conditioner that I have been using: OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco


I have always wanted to try these products but when I searched reviews online the average rating is 3.5 which didn’t really convince me. So I always put it off. But I decided to try it recently because unlike the rest of the world little by little I started to get tired of the Shea Moisture line.

These products are amazing. I cannot believe people do not rate these at 5. These give me incredible slip and hydration.

Let’s start with the shampoo:

20140630_195954 (1)23
To be completely honest shampoos never get a rise out of me. But when I tried this shampoo I was extremely impressed. It is creamy, rich, moisturizing and gives incredible slip. When cleansing it isn’t abnormal to experience a bit of dryness, brittleness and tangling, those yucky qualities are felt when your hair is stripped of all the oil your hair naturally produces. Avoid stripping your hair. With this shampoo that yucky stripped feeling is non-existent instead it leaves hair manageable and ready to be conditioned. This shampoo cleanses the hair but does not strip it.

The Mask and conditioner:

20140630_232045 (1)20140630_195941

Both are very light allowing my hair to absorb it with no trouble. Once I apply these it is very easy to detangle my hair. It leaves my hair shiny, smooth and extremely hydrated. As I have mentioned I am experiencing a lot off dryness and I also have low porosity hair. This means my hair only benefits from light oils that it can absorb. This conditioner has argan oil which is a light oil. It is known for its moisturizing properties, penetrating the hair shaft, replenishing damaged hair and can promote growth (along with other benefits).

Hope this review helps, soon I will write a more detailed entry on my post dye/bleach care and full regimen.

Till next time chicas 😉


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