Glance inside my closet

I have not done outfit updates in some time. Here are my most recent favorite outfits.


Adding just one eye catching piece can make your outfit go from bland and boring to fabulous. This outfit was simple yet catchy. Dark wash Levi’s jeans with a black long sleeve top, lace up boots and a denim jacket. Super quick to assemble. Not too much, simple but funky.

  • Jacket: Necessary Clothing
  • Top: Forever21
  • Jeans: Levi’s from Macy’s…Levi’s is my favorite jean brand. They never fail me; they hug my curves perfectly when I wear skinny jeans and give me the perfect comfort when I go for a looser fit.


This I wore on Easter to church. I love peplum tops. They give the illusion of an itty bitty waist and disguise any midsection fat you wish to take attention away from. These pants are so comfortable, super flattering and elegant. I added this color shoe to add a wow factor to the outfit. I didn’t feel the need to add many accessories because I went for a classy clean look. The shirt itself had enough detail. I just left on my gold necklace which I pretty much use as daily wear when I do not feel like accessorizing.

  •  Top: Forever21
  • Pants: H&M
  • Shoes: H&M

The look below are a few weeks older.

Oldie but Goodie 😉


Again a peplum top to accentuate my waist. I prefer dark wash jeans when I am going for a classier look because they are easier to dress up; lighter wash jeans take more effort to dress up, having to add more details and accessories or it can quickly become a more casual, dressed down look. I wore these suede wedges because they blend in with the material of shirt which is cotton, together these two make the outfit appear fancy but not ultra dressed up.

  • Top: Forever21
  • Jeans: Levis
  • Shoes: Charlotte Russe


This look proves that the theory that short chicas shouldn’t wear tall boots isn’t necessarily true. If combined with the right jeans it can definetely work. I am only 4″11 and totally comfortable with wearing tall boots. Also don’t be afraid to play with color. Color adds fun and uniqueness to your outfit. Get creative 🙂

  • Cardigan: H&M
  • Top: Forever21
  • Jeans: Old Navy
  • Boots: Macy’s (don’t know the exact brand name, no longer have the box)


This last look is so comfortable and charming. This is a safe outfit. You can never go wrong with a button down and converse. And funky glasses just add more fun to the already hip look.

  • Glasses: Forever 21
  • Top: Hollister
  • Jeans: Forever21
  • Sneakers: Converse

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