Aloe Vera And Castrol Oil = Happy Curls

Hello pretties,
Guess what time it is? HAIR UPDATE!!! HAIR UPDATE!!!
*Most curly gals I have encountered feel their hair is the driest during the colder winter months, but honey when humidity is high and the sun is beaming my curls go bananas. I am sure others can relate so before we get to the update let me tell you about this excellent DIY conditioner that has helped me keep my curls in check all summer. The best thing about it is that it only requires two ingredients. (The benefits are endless; fights breakage, hydrates, strengthens, adds shine, etc.)

*Aloe Vera
* Castrol Oil


1. Scalp massage with oil to stimulate growth (mint oil has been my fav lately but you can use any you like)

2. Shampoo

3. Conditioner = detangle

4. Deep conditioner (I normally don’t but you can choose to skip this step since the aloe and castrol oil will act as a deep conditioner)

*ATTENTION: I have mentioned it before but I will mention it again. If you have not done so already give the TGIN- Honey Miracle Mask a try. It is amazing; hydrating, adds shine and softens. You can either leave in for 15 minutes with heat or 30 without. Don’t forget to wear a plastic cap.

5. Once I rinse out the conditioner I add the mixture of Aloe and Castrol oil, applying it in small sections making sure it’s well saturated

* You can leave the mix in for an hour, a day or even the entire week (wearing it in a protective style), I usually leave it overnight

6. The final step is to wash your hair again, apply your rinse out conditioner and style as usual

The results will be extremely hydrated hair, with bounce and volume.
And now for the fun part watch the video below to see how much my hair has grown since the last hair update I shared.


Later Pretties



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