“The Fashion Nova Craze”

Review time 🙂 

If you are a fashion lover and a social media user I am sure you have encountered Fashion Nova on your news feed, advertisements maybe even made a purchase already. This post will then serve you as an inspiration or idea board.

Now for those who like myself are skeptical about popular products/stores advertised on social media this post should help put your mind at ease. I am happy to share my honest opinion based on my experience shopping in the online website (the physical store is in L.A).

Thus far I have made 3 purchases; I would rate my overall experience as 8.5. I will admit I love all the garments I have purchased from the site but there are some glitches I feel should be corrected when it comes to communicating with customer service personnel as well as the refund policy.

Fashion Nova offers very trendy, sexy, fun outfits and with the beautiful models displaying the clothes you are tempted to purchase as soon as it comes up in your feeds but there are somethings you should keep in mind.

  • I remember reading this on a meme, although it sounds a little rough it’s the truth “the body does not come with the garment” be mindful of your shape and what is figure flattering to your specific body. For myself I am dying to purchase the jeans in the photo below but being 4’11 I know in order for those to look good on me I will have to have it altered which I am not sure is an investment I want to make or if it’s even worth it, it will probably cost more than the jeans itself to have it fixed. (The models on this specific website are very curvy with hour-glass shapes. A common complaint I have read on Instagram is that it’s hard to envision how garments look on an “average” woman when it is being displayed on a “perfect body,” I honestly don’t see a problem with the models. You should know your body and what you look good in.)

    “Try Me Jeans”
  • FABRICS! Pay attention to the fabric, it could be the determining factor on how a garment will look. I haven’t experienced any issues with fabric but my sister did with the “Ancient Rome dress.”  While the dress is very pretty in theory in person it looks tacky with a very cheap finish. There were strings coming out of the top. The croquet top is very nice but the fabric used for the skirt looks like cheap curtain, it is rayon fabric which is a very wrinkly fabric or gets wrinkled very quickly even after ironing or steaming. It is also unfinished hem which in my opinion isn’t attractive for  this  type of dress.

    “Ancient Rome Dress”
  • Communicating with a Fashion Nova representative is a major issue and also a common issue brought up by customers. There is a number provided on the website listed under FAQ not under Contact (under contact you will be presented with a request form, once submitted you will be emailed “as soon as possible”). When you call the number you are advised to email your inquiries or concerns and given the option to leave a voicemail if your call isn’t answered (most likely won’t be) for a call back. I have not been successful when calling. I have emailed twice, I got a quick response regarding to a delayed order but my last email is yet to be answered which I sent over a month ago.
  • And my final complaint is the return policy. There is no money refund, you will be given store credit which to me is super annoying but I can let it slide. What really irks me is that when a garment you have already placed an order for goes out of stock you are not refunded but again given store credit. It is not the client’s fault that there was a glitch in the website allowing for an out of stock item to be purchased and for that reason the money should be refunded.

    Well there you have it a very honest review on my sentiments regarding to Fashion Nova. Although it isn’t perfect as nothing in life is I do recommend purchasing from them. All the garments I have purchased have been very figure flattering, the fabric is good quality, I especially love the quality of the jeans and your curves will definitely make a statement. 

    And now to the fun part… Take a look below at the items I have purchased and the fit. 

    “See You Soon Dress”
    “See You Again Bodysuit”
    “Trooper Pants” 
    “Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans” Medium Blue
    “Bad Gal Jeans”
    “Flower Shower Dress” Navy
    “Billy Jeans” Dark



6 thoughts on ““The Fashion Nova Craze”

  1. I’ve ordered a few times & one things i’ve noticed is the fabric can be very cheap like you said. Some items rip/tear faster than others. You really do have to lay attention to the fabric on the clothes you order lol.

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