2 Year Journey

Hello beauties,

I am celebrating two years of being natural. I had my last relaxer November 21, 2012. It’s been quite a journey but I am so proud of my curls.

I invite you to take a trip down memory lane with me.

Below is a picture of my hair right after my last relaxer. I also dyed my hair that day to a dark brown very similar to my natural color, I was desperately trying to get rid of a red tint I did my self at home.  Horrible mistakes here’s what I did.

1. Red Sebastian Cellophane- I did red because red and black are the only colors that actually show with this products which is a protein treatment and a gloss all in one. It’s a great product I recommend it. My hair turned out dark brownish/ dark reddish.


2. I wanted a more intense red so I did the “Kool-Aid” dye. Sounds crazy I know. I mixed conditioner with unsweetened cherry Kool-Aid and left it in my hair for 30 minutes. Surprisingly it worked.


3. The Kool-Aid made my hair extremely bright.  Too much for my liking I wanted to tone it down. So I bought a box dye from my local beauty supply ( I forgot which brand), light brown. I ended up with burgundy hair.

I went to the salon to fix it and even then a bit of red remained.


 This is my hair after a year and five months transitioning, taken the day before my big chop. I was so frustrated at this point, my braid-outs mostly never turned out the way I wanted. I had to wash my hair two or three times a week because the styles or “curls” wouldn’t hold up for more than two days. At this point buns and I were best friend.  And so I decided to cut all the straight ends.



And this was the result of my big chop. After my big chop my challenge was finding products that worked best for my new texture. At one point I left grease stains everywhere my hair touched because I kept reading that oil was key for natural hair. SO EMBARRASSING!! Yes oil is great BUT in moderation. My texture cannot hold much oil without being weighed down. And I have to be careful which oils I use because my hair cannot absorb heavy oils. Newly naturals please don’t make this mistake. You DO NOT have to apply oil to your hair everyday or every other day, weekly hot oil treatments will do or adding a little after your leave-in.


I wasn’t in-love with the short hair 100% but  little by little I started to like it and learned how to manage my now entirely natural hair.

And finally this is my hair now.



We all make mistakes when transitioning or in the process of learning to care for your hair but that’s what makes it fun. Trying new things, learning what your hair responds to and what to avoid. I know a lot of people hate the washing process but I actually love it.

Well chicas this is it for now. Remember to sign up for the giveaway, I promise you will love these products as much as I do. Here’s the link.


Enjoy the rest of your week ❤


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