Combat Winter Dryness

Hello, its been a while since my last post. Como estan chicas? Hope all is well<3

The cold season has begun which means time to take extra care of our hair. As you know the cold weather strings along dryness. I definitely noticed a difference in my hair already.

I love trying new products, so I decided to try Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner. Before trying this conditioner my hair was extremely dry and in need of deep conditioning. I did not pre-poo (conditioning before washing) the first time I tried it, I was much too lazy. (

Google Image
Google Image

After shampooing and allowing the conditioner to soak in for 15 minutes with a plastic cap and the steam from my shower my hair responded okay.  When I was detangling I felt that the product wasn’t fully penetrating into my hair. Which lead to more effort into untangling, having to apply more product and overall more hassle.

By day two my hair was a mess, dry and not responding to anything I applied or sitting well with any style. And so I ran to my emergency DIY conditioner.

I shared this pre-poo/conditioner in a earlier post but I must remind you again how helpful and effective this conditioner really is especially in the winter.



-Baking Soda (excellent for cleansing and opening up hair cuticle)

-Honey (restores shine, fights frizz and softens hair strands)

-Greek Yogurt or you can use full fat yogurt depending on your hair type (Anti-breakage, light protein)

-Coconut oil (moisturizes, stimulates growth)

For more information and guidelines on this conditioner revert back to my earlier post. (

This conditioner always gets my hair back into good shape. When all these ingredients are mixed your hair is cleansed, the hair cuticles are opened allowing for moisture to be absorbed and shine and smoothness is restored.

Second time trying the Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner:


After pre-poo with my homemade conditioner, I rinsed it off and shampooed. Then I applied the conditioner. This time it worked like a charm my hair melted as soon as I applied the product. I didn’t even need a comb to untangle because my hair was so soft and manageable.


I definitely recommend Mixed Chicks if you are looking for a good deep conditioner.

But I ESPECIALLY recommend the DIY pre-poo conditioner. Trust me ladies you will not regret it.

I’ve love to hear from you dolls. Have you tried this DIY conditioner or Mixed Chicks before? Did you like it? Which conditioners do you use to combat dry dull hair?

Hasta luego muñecas,

Keep those strands moisturized ;-)<3


3 thoughts on “Combat Winter Dryness

    1. Hey doll =)
      The DYI for sure. The Mixed Chicks claims to work on all hair types and I have read a lot of positive reviews from different texture curly heads, worth a shot. Let me know how you like it if you try it.

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