Overcoming Frizz

Hello chicas,

I hope you dolls have had a pleasant summer. As for me I had the chance to unwind at the Dominican Republic the past two weeks. It was very refreshing to change scenery, catch a breath of fresh air and reunite with family and friends I don’t get to see often.

Now I am back with many fresh topics and tips to share.

Frizz! It seems to haunt us naturals. Here is how I combat and/or embrace it.

I previously mentioned the importance of sticking with an effective sleeping method. Yet I know many can agree some days you simply lack the energy to follow it and that is when this post comes in handy.

For the sake of this project I washed and styled my hair as you will see below. At bedtime I ditched my protective night routine and slept with my hair exposed. I didn’t even use my silk pillow (silk prevents frizz).

Frizz- free curls
Frizz- free curls

After 8 hours of sleep on a cotton pillow the top layer of my hair frizzed up. Since adding highlights to my hair this section tends to frizz up very easily.


Note: Frizz occurs when moisture leaves your hair. (Hair dyes often lead to frizz and dry hair which is why it is important to use hydrating products that have water listed as the first ingredient.)

Because I like big hair I usually don’t fight frizz, I embrace it. But on occasions when I do wish to combat it this step is essential.
Before anything I need to hydrate my thirsty strands. Because my frizz is mostly on my bangs I wet the entire section add conditioner and/or leave in and a few drops of oil (not too much otherwise it will weigh down my hair) and comb it to get rid of any tangles. Again if I plan to embrace the frizz I skip this step altogether.


If I have time I allow the section to dry otherwise I try to style gently and carefully, too much movement will lead to more frizz. Also if the frizz area is large do not comb it out, it will take longer to dry and the process can get messy and lead to more frizz.

These are my favorite products:
-Miss Jessie’s Leave*In Condish


– Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner


– Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner


-Jojoba oil

                                                                                                                                                                          -Eco gel


Styling ideas:

  • Headband
    Perfect for embracing frizz. It is super quick, easy and ultra-cute. Because the headband lightly pulls back my edges by the time I remove the headband it will be sleek and tamed.


  • Side puff/curls
    Add some flavor to your look ;-). Gather hair onto one side, away from the frizzier area, secure the back with bobby pins. This style is super cute and funky. I use gel to keep the edges neat and eliminate frizz. Also if you know me you know I am all about “baby hair.” To keep the baby hair in place I also add some gel.


  • Twist side puff/curls
    If the frizz is really bothering me or I want something more dramatic I twist the problem area (frizzy section) and tuck it under the remaining hair.


And that is it, pretty and simple.

Hasta luego chicas =-)


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