First step to fighting Frizz

I have faced many challenges in my journey to natural healthy hair but finding a sleeping method that works was probably the hardest.

Frizz and sleep go hand in hand, if you do not have an effective sleep method you will more than likely wake up to frizzy hair.

Now that I have short hair the challenge is greater.

So far I have discovered three different methods that work.


The first method I only use when I wash my hair at night (bad habit) and let it dry over night. After applying all my products I crunch my hair to secure curl definition. I then flip my hair upside-down and wrap around my microfiber towel.  Then to bed I go.

PhotoGrid_1407825217572 (1)

The next method is probably my favorite. I will probably wear out, I think it’s cute. I flip and wrap my hair in a bandanna. I then clip down the ends hanging on my face, softly on the top of my head.



Sometimes I take it even further and tie down the remaining part of the bandanna (usually on freshly washed but air dried hair or second day hair, when it is still very define and frizz free.)


I am sure you are familiar with or have heard mentioned the famous pineapple sleeping style. This is a great method but certainly does not work for short hair. Instead what I  do is lightly divide my hair into two sections using my finger (never a comb this way it will be easier to blend the hair back together in the morning) and wrap an elastic around, creating two pony tails. The pony tails must be loose otherwise it will create a crease or disrupt the curl definition. After I put on  a silk bonnet.


I always sleep on a silk pillow case, it helps prevent frizz. Microfiber towels also prevent frizz, if you do not have one you can use a t-shirt.


In the morning when I take down my hair I refresh it with a bit of water and conditioner mix. Or if I do not feel the need to wet it I simply fluff out my hair at the roots to blend and create volume. I do not fluff at the ends or run my fingers to the ends as it would create frizz.


I hope this helps some of you chichas.

Do you have an effective sleep method? If you do share below.

Have a lovely week dolls =)


4 thoughts on “First step to fighting Frizz

  1. Aww thanks hun likewise, you’re so sweet. Lol I wish I could do that but I am a wild sleeper lol. My hair frizzes up very easily if I don’t do one of these methods by the time I wake up my hair is a mess.

  2. You and your hair is BEAUTIFULLLLL😍😍😍! Can I have them both? Lol I know my hair isn’t as curly but I am certainly gonna try this for my untamed mess! Love the post 🙂 , happy Friday!! Xoxo

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