One of those days

I was very lazy this morning. I didn’t want to spend too much time getting dressed or brainstorming on an outfit. So I decided casual/sporty day it is.

get-attachment (7)

I decided to wear sneakers. I am so in love with these sneakers. I have two pairs because I love them that much. They are called Air Jordan 7 or cardinals. When I was in middle school and early into high school I was a “sneaker head” or rather a “Jordan head.” Every time a new pair of Jordan sneakers was released I obsessed over them. I still have a couple of pairs stored somewhere in my closet. For the most part I gave up my sneaker days but these I can never ever give up.


The jeans I wore are stretch, they are very comfortable. Because the jeans are blue I decided to wear my lighter H&M denim shirt. I do not like to match the color of my denim shirt to my jeans. It’s too matchy matchy for me. Wearing the same color on top and bottom is kind of infantile, reminds me of something I would wear in the 5th grade. I chose the blue Nautica shirt because I couldn’t find a white one but this shirt worked fine because the white stripes complement the sneakers. If I wore all blue the sneakers would stand out too much and it wouldn’t tie in with the outfit.

I was also having a bad hair day. When that happens the best thing to do is bun it up. I love high buns. I paired it with baby hair on the sides of my hairline. Baby hair is like my trademark. My hair style is not complete if there isn’t baby hair involved.


I wore these cool glasses just to accessorize. It adds a little glam and spunk. And it also takes attention away from my bad hair day.

Hope you enjoyed this looks dolls.

What do you wear on casual/sporty days? Do you have a pair of favorite sneakers?


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